Roof Windows & rooflights for Flat roofs

You might be planning a kitchen extension, adding on a orangery or conservatory, constructing a garage, or even building a new home altogether, and you’re brimming with ideas of how you want things to look… But, when tackling a building project, who would want a final result that looks drab, grey, and dingy?

Adding more natural light can completely transform your home, making it brighter, more cheerful, and more welcoming to your family and guests. If you’ve always admired the look of rooflights, then why wait any longer? You may have thought that you couldn’t get roof windows for flat roof homes, but there are actually plenty of options! Roof windows and roof lanterns are a stylish and economical way to maximize the natural light and fresh air in a home or commercial building.

Multipart roof window with integrated ventilation

Rooflight Superstore is a leading flat roof window manufacturer and online distributor, offering the very best quality skylight windows for sale. Whether your home is traditional or modern, our wide range of products will suit you perfectly, at costs that are an equally perfect fit for your budget. Imagine how cheap your lighting and power bills will become, and how much cheerier your home will be, with the extra light and energy conservation you get from the best skylight windows and rooflights in the UK.

What We Offer

There are almost as many different types of flat rooflights as there are homeowners. When making a selection for windows on flat roof homes, our friendly and professional team can cover all the details and are happy to help you select from the many available makes and options, so that you get the perfect choice at the perfect price. And if you’d like pictures of these options, be sure to check out our product pages for images of the many models and makes we offer as well as technical spec information.

What are some of these options? Let’s do a comparison!

  • Roof Windows vs. Roof Lanterns: A rooflight is similar to a skylight, in that it consists of a single pane. It offers a sleek and subtle look, while still adding plenty of natural light to the room. There are even some designs you can walk on, which is great for terraces or other areas where foot traffic occurs. A roof lantern consists of multiple panes in a pyramid shape, with a high ridge. Lantern-style windows are an impressive feature in a room, giving the room greater height and bringing in large amounts of light, making them a smart and beautiful option for a conservatory, kitchen, or greenhouse.
  • Opening vs. Fixed:
    flat roof windowWe offer rooflights that open if you need extra vents in your room (handy in kitchen areas!), as well as hatch-type styles that provide a means of emergency escape. Ventilation-style skylight windows can be top hung (with the hinge at the top end of the window) or centre pivot, while hatch-styles are top-hung. These can either be opened manually, or you can opt for electric ones that open with a remote control. Want roof windows that do not open? You can also choose from our wide selection of non-opening, dome windows and lanterns.
  • Standard Sizes vs. Bespoke: From large to small, from wide to narrow, and everything in between, Rooflight Superstore has the standard sizes that work perfectly with your home’s design. However, if you want something non-standard, our bespoke options allow you to select the exact dimensions that are made to measure for your dream project.
  • Polycarbonate vs. Glass: We offer polycarbonate domes (a lightweight, high-performance plastic), skylights and access hatches that provide light, ventilation, and a means of escape if needed — and all at a low price that makes them perfect for tight budgets, industrial use, or as a replacement. Our double glazed glass flat windows provide crystal-clear natural light and unparalleled views. Double glazed skylights and lanterns provide U values that meet or exceed the recommendations of current building regulations.

No matter what you envision, we have a window to suit your needs and the style of your home or commercial building.

Can I Install Blinds or Curtains on my Roof Windows?

roof windows blindAbsolutely! Due to the angle and height these products, we recommend blinds instead of curtains. There are several stylish options out there for window accessories, including roller blinds, louvered blinds, and Roman shades. A convenient option is to get electric opening blinds that work via remote control. They are a sensible choice if you have a roof window in your bedroom and want to reduce the amount of light in the room (if sleeping during daylight hours, for example).


How Do I Clean Them?

Keeping your rooflight clean will maximize the amount of daylight they let in and will help maintain its dazzling appearance. If you’re wondering how to clean the interior of the window, it can be done with a long-handled squeegee and water. Be sure to move any furniture from underneath the window first, and put down a cloth to catch drips. Centre pivot windows can be easily cleaned from the inside. To clean the exterior of top hinged windows, you will need to safely access your roof, at which point the window can be cleaned with water also. It is best to do this on a cloudy day, so as to more easily see and remove any streaks. Whether you have a uPVC flat window or a metal (aluminium) frame window, a gentle wipe will remove dust and grit.

Do Rooflights Leak? What if it Needs Repair?

When properly installed by reputable fitters, they will be snug-fitting and will not leak. And you’ll have extra peace of mind knowing that all of our products come with a warranty, are easy to repair, and that we offer basic roof accessories & spare parts if needed.

My Roof Isn’t Flat, am I Out of Luck?

Not at all! A flat roof is best for lanterns, but if you are considering a flat roof window, we have several styles that work brilliantly for your low pitch roof. Please note that the maximum pitch for our products is 15 degrees.

How are they installed? Do I Need Planning Permission for Roof Windows?

If you’re wondering “Is planning permission required for roof windows?”, you can rest easy, as it likely will not require planning permission for installation if the unit cannot be seen from ground level. Prior to ordering, however, it is best to check with your local regulatory body to ensure that you will satisfy the building regs. Some of the information you might be asked to provide will be:

  • The dimensions of the rooflight window you plan on installing
  • Whether your home is an existing structure or a new build
  • The U-value of the rooflight
  • What materials it consists
  • Whether your rooflight is opening or non-opening, and if it provides access or simply ventilation
  • Information on the builder who will be performing the installation
  • What weather proofing measures will be performed to prevent leaking
  • The pitch of your roof. Depending upon the product, our skylight windows can accommodate a flat roof or a low pitch (below 15 degrees).

The installation process is fairly straightforward, helping to keep the installation cost low. Some of our skylight windows have a fixed kerb already integrated into the unit. In those cases, it is simply a matter of preparing the opening to the required size and reinforcing it with joists. Other units, like our lanterns, will require a weathered builders timber kerb to build prior to installation, at which point the lantern can easily be put in place on top of the kerb.

To hear what our customers have to say, be sure to check out our testimonials page for reviews. And if you’re in the market for a brighter and more cheerful home, contact us today for more information or a quote on  0118 996 1000 or through


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